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Pubblicato il ottobre 22nd, 2009 | da Luisa Fazzito


Artic Monkeys: “Cornerstone” è il prossimo singolo. Testo e video

Dopo “Crying Lightning” gli Artic Monkeys sono pronti a lanciare il secondo singolo dal titolo “Cornerstone” tratto da “Humbung“.
Come per il precedente anche il nuovo singolo in versione vinile verrà venduto attraverso la catena di negozi per beneficienza Oxfam.
Il video di “Cornerstone” ha già debuttato in Gran Bretagna.
DI seguito vi lasciamo il video di “Cornestone”

Questo il testo di Cornerstone – Artic Monkeys

Thought I saw you in the battleship
But it was only a look a like
She was nothing but a vision trick
Under the warning light
She was close, close enough to be your ghost
But my chances turned to toast
When I asked her if I could call her your name

I thought I saw you in the rusty hook
Huddled up in wicker chair
I wandered up for a closer look
And kissed who ever was sitting there

She was close, and she held me very tightly
Till I asked awfully politely, please
Can I call you her name

And I elongated my lift home,
Yeah I let him go the long way round
I smelt your scent on the seatbelt
And kept my shortcuts to myself

I thought I saw you in the parrots beak
Messing with the smoke alarm
It was too loud for me to hear her speak
And she had a broken arm

It was close, so close that the walls were wet
And she wrote it out in letraset
No you can’t call me her name

Tell me where’s your hiding place
I’m worried I’ll forget your face
And I’ve asked everyone
And I’m beginning to think I imagined you all along

I elongated my lift home
Yeah I let him go the long way round
I smelt your scent on the seatbelt
And kept my shortcuts to myself

I saw your sister in the cornerstone
On the phone to the middle man
When I saw that she was on her own
I thought she might understand
She was close, well you couldn’t get much closer
She said I’m really not supposed to but yes,
You can call me anything you want

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